Calluses on ducks feet!!!

sierra lewis

Jun 15, 2017
So this is the first time I've ever owned a ducks, recently they've gotten these weird callus/ blister looking things on their feet. Can someone tell me what this is and if you can how do I treat it??!
Thanks in advance!
Pic isn't showing up.

Are they walking on anything hot like concrete or asphalt?

It could be bumble foot it shows up as a blkj scab it's an infection like staff and does need to be treated asap.

Soak their feet in warm Epsom salt water half cup to half gal of water[ don't let them drink the water it is also a laxative. ] after soaking apply clear iodine over the areas. Keep them on as clean a bedding as you can usually after doing this for 2-4 days you should be able to gently pull off the scab and get the plug out poultry pus is thick use something like sterile tweezers. If this is bumble foot. A good pic would help us know for sure.

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