Came home to a dead hen

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    Bummer! This is my first fatality. Dont know what couldve gone wrong. she seemed fine last night. My dear boyfriend found her face down, head tucked under neck, next to the feed and water. Eyes closed. I dont see anything at all wrong with her. Hmm. Any first thoughts that come to mind by you veterans?

    Thanks folks. Hope everyone's having a good day

  2. SnoozinSuzn

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    May 3, 2016
    I'm sorry about your loss. I had a similar experience today, and am wondering what happened. One of my 4 Wyandotte's died this evening. (They are the only chickens I have, and will be one year old this month.) I found her stretched out under the quince bush when I went out to check them one last time for the night. I'm trying to determine why she died, to do what I can to protect the other 3. There were no marks on her at all, and earlier today she seemed just fine. They have plenty of room to roam within their fenced area. They have grass, a compost pile, lots of mulch (hardwood and pine chips) to scratch in, a large quince bush for cover, and an enclosed, dirt floor pen with food, water, nest box, grit, oyster shell, and roost bars (it's open during the day and closed at night). Four nights ago, they all refused to go into the pen, and have been sleeping out ever since. I've changed all the pine shavings in the nest box, raked out the accumulated poop and spilled feed from the ground, and put down leaves I saved from last fall. They still won't go in to sleep there, but they are still laying in the nest box. I don't know if that has any bearing on why she died or not. Any idea why she might have died, or what I can look at on her (before I bury her) to possibly determine how she died? Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have. Susan
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    Sorry to hear Susan. Isn't it odd? I did some searching around and came upon some possibilities. Eggbound, so I checked her. I dont think it was that. Her vent was open a little and her little hootchie was right there. Didnt see any egg. I checked for bites. Nothing. Now I dont know if her vent was supposed to be like that or not, dead or alive. I did read its not an uncommon problem. In fact theres a name for it. Sudden Chicken Death Syndrome. Cause, hell it anyone knows. Alive and fine one minute, dinner the next. Maybe I shoulda cleaned out my shavings and stuff but I honestly havent done a thing. Just, life goes on. She was a nice hen. Year old.
    Ya know, funny you should mention yours are avoiding the coop. Today all mine decided they didnt want to be in the run. Usually when I come home theyre out there and I open the gate to the yard and out they come. Today no. Came home and they were inside. I opened the gate to the yard and they never came out. I opened the door to the run (not the little coop door next to it). they still stayed in. Now when I opened the coop door in the barn, out they went and into the yard. I looked around the run and all appears normal. No idea. I guess I'll chalk it up to....women.
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    May 3, 2014
    lost one like that, no rhyme or reason. She was a little over a year old. So sad. She was like a little dog.

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