Came home to find my duck can't keep her neck up he was out of her pin and she twitches helpppppp

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    Came home to find my duck laying on the ground with her neck flat she can't keep it up but she moves it and lay it's on her back I don't know if something broke her neck or what I need to know what to do I'm new at this
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    It could be botulism from eating maggots, vegetation, or dead animals or fish that have been without air. There is no treatment other than supportive treatment to help eat or drink. Giving an epsom salt flush sometimes is done in chickens. If animals live 2 days, they may recover. Poisoning could also be a cause unless she was hurt. So sorry. Here is a link to read:,1607,7-153-10370_12150_12220-26493--,00.html
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    Apr 21, 2014
    Colliers Wv
    When u touch her neck she jumps wish I could post a video to show u
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    I've never owned ducks but we had a freak mystery injury with a 9 week old chick. We found her behind a bag of bedding with a limp neck and swollen eye. We brought her in the house and positioned her with a towel to hold her neck up. She refused to eat or drink for two days and showed no improvement. On the third day I decided culling her would be the best for her. I swaddled in the towel like a baby and laid her in the sink propped up on her back while I got up the nerve to do it. She ended up laying swaddled all day because I just couldn't do it. I forced down some electrolyte and mineral water along with some moistened crumbles in a last ditch effort to help her. She still just laid there with her eyes closed occasionally letting out a few feeble peeps. I had to leave the house for a bit and figured I'd put her out of her misery when I got back. About a half hour later I got a very excited phone call from my son who said she was up walking around pecking around on the floor!!!

    So maybe try swaddling your duck and keep her/him still and supported for a bit. And don't forget the electrolytes. Wish you the best and hope your little one pulls through.
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