Came home with 1 girl out of the coop/run

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    Jun 6, 2011
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    Imagine my surprise when I came home from work and found my EE - Millie out of the coop/run. All the others were running back and forth in the run...I think they were saying no fair let us out. There is a slight gap where the run pushes up to the coop (PVC pipe run covered in chicken wire). She is small and can fly I guess she worked her way out. She seemed very glad to see me, came running right up, let me pick her up and put her back. Hope she didn't lay an egg in the yard somewhere and SO glad she was ok. Hate to say I have favorites but she is one of my favorites! In the morning before leaving for work gotta work on the coop/run. I just wonder how long she was out, I am sure she will be picked on more since she was free for a while! Poor girl!
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    Aaww!! I really want an EE bad! They sound so sweet!

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