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  1. animalgirl12

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    Aug 27, 2012
    Does anybody raise camels?
  2. Oregon Blues

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Central Oregon
    I don't but a couple of people in my area have them. They are unpleasant, smelly, dangerous animals.
  3. nok13

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    Dec 8, 2012
    owned a 'nakka' (a female camel). would never own a non castrated male. and beduins and other camel owners will tell u that camels ,unlike alpacas, can be unpredictable. the beduins say that u can never now what a camel is thinking or what she/he will do. donkeys and horses talk with their ears, eyes, hooves tail and feet. alpacas also use ears and feet. camels really dont cue u in. they can be nice and then suddenly bite u on the neck (which could be deadly because their heads are in teh exact location to bite us mostly on the side of the neck, hard and deep)>
    the beduins use quite alot of force and negative training methods to train their camels; even using halters, they use hard pressure and pain methods. hitting with stickes on the face and legs is also used.
    there is one place in israel that uses gentler methods but my nakka was killed (she hung herself while theives stole our goats and horses, they tied her and she had never been tied before, so tangled herself up and got hung up)before we could actually work with her. i had visited several camel farms and decided that camels were 'too big' for me (not jsut size wise but personality wise and my ability to work with such 'not wanting to please anybody' type animals.
    food can motivate some, but not all of them. good words and affection doesnt really work either. avoidance of unpleasantness and using their own intinctive reactions to things seems the best way to train.
    males in heat are very nasty and very dangerous.
    im sure there are exceptions to this rule but , here in israel at least, that is what most people say. camels werent bred for personality and 'wanting to please' but for stamina, speed/workabiltiy, size, and colour (white vs. brown)/ the same as saluki dogs were bred for hunting only, and the canaani dog is a great watch dog, but has a very natural dog personality w/o a lot fo the 'want to please' qualities that most domestic dogs have.
    all three animals were raised and bred for working in desert environments, with peoples that were nomads, and anijmals were kept near, but not in, encampments.

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