Cameo Silver Pied Anyone?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by AugeredIn, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Anyone have a this years Cameo Silver Pied hen they can take a picture of the back and neck fairly close up?
  2. I have a mature hen if that is of any help. [​IMG] Also have some 2014 Cameo hens and one or two of them are either Pied or split to but not Silver, sorry.
  3. Yeah, I picture of the mature hen would help.
  4. This perspective would be great.
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  5. Not exactly the angle you are looking for, I'll need some sun to get that and right now it is drizzling. [​IMG] Here are some pics I had and cropped for you. I forgot she has some Spaulding in her.


    The one in the background is a Cameo Pied White Eye.

  6. Did you raise her from a chick?
  7. No, I bought her from Brad last month, she was one of his breeders.
  8. I have an IB Pied WE split Cameo cock and wanted Cameo Pied WE hen to go with him. Brad only had the one but also had a CSP and thought it would be a good match. It wasn't until I picked her up that we noticed she was also Spaulding.

    Now I am concerned because my IBPWE/C cock is not showing the WE he had last year, yet. [​IMG] I know he has a lot more train to grow yet, but I am not seeing the white eyes yet, last year he had about 1/4 WE's.
  9. Thats happens. It is variable. It would be weird to have 1/4 one year and none the next but he is obviously split White Eye if he had white eyes last year.
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  10. ...and when you say he had white eyes, I assume you mean on the train feathers that were not white from the P/W influence?

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