Cameras for 2018- What do you recommend for 2018-2019?

Cameras for 2018- What do you recommend for 2018-2019?

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8 Years
Feb 28, 2011
Reading Backyard Chickens' search function for "cameras" brings me back to 2011, for example. Prices and technology have changed. What do you think would be good tech for a good price for 2018-2019? [Sorry if I do not know how to use the search function efficiently to find the most recent camera ideas-- I had a recent series of disasters/escapes?? and lost 1/2 of my 20 chickens so I'm really upset.]


Aspiring Chickenologist
Oct 28, 2018
Manhiem, Pennnsylvania
As far as I know a game cam will take pictures at any movement but it will not do a constant video like a security camera would, price all depends on what picture quality you want, they range from 60$-200+


6 Years
Nov 20, 2015
Snohomish County, Washington State
My Coop
My Coop
Most game cameras on the market these days will take short videos along with photos. Usually an option in the settings menu. Both for length and quality of video.

Pretty much anything you see on Amazon listed as a trail camera will be pretty good quality. I have bought some of the cheapest from Amazon and they were still good. The key thing with video is that it will drain the battery and fill the memory card faster. Not a problem if you plan to recharge and remove the images/video daily or every few days. More of an issue if you are truly leaving it out on a tree in the woods for weeks at a time.

I see "security cameras" as having some big negatives for the use you are describing. They almost always need external power, they are more costly, and usually are not going to be wireless unless you pay for the higher end models.

Game camera is waterproof, battery operated, easy to attach to poles, trees, etc...

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