Camilla update (MG possibility on Tylan)

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    Sep 21, 2016
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    Well everyone her fever is gone. Feet and legs nice and cool. I lanced the eye but nothing came out. I gave *significant* pressure to the eye to squeeze out a hard mass or pus. Put my finger in her beak. The whole deal. Nothing. Oh the sounds she made. That hurt her more than the actual lancing. I injected a 1/4 cc of Tylan into the lance wound and I decided to leave it be. Packed the wound with powdered golden seal which I have used on my self and several other animals to fight infection. This was two days ago. Today the area below the eye seems the slightest bit better. I could actually open her eyelid a bit and get some type of snotty stuff out which I have not been able to do before now. Cleaned the area well with Epsom salt water and repack with goldenseal as well as putting some goldenseal in the eye. I figure it can't hurt after all this. Put her in the yard today and she is happy as a clam. Pecking about and dust bathing. Finding some little spots to explore and just having a fabulous time in this relatively cool weather here in South Texas. Ive done what I could with out professional help (which is what I can afford right now) and if she dies at least her last days were pretty awesome. But she seems like she may live for some time even with the eye in this condition. I'm continuing her on 1cc of Tyaln per day plus twice daily eye cleanings and packings. Thank you for all the advice and support. It really did help.

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