Camo egg candler 4 different including pink Camo

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    Jun 26, 2010
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    I just got these in today. They are led flashlights. I just tried one out and It doesn't seal off all the way like my other candler. But it works. I could see veins on my 6 day rir eggs. They are way brighter than my candler. I really like them. I have four different designs. The first one is like a woodland camo. The 2nd one is a pink woodland camo. The 3rd one is what looks like a wetland camo. And the 3rd one is an orange woodland camo. Plz don't hit buy it now. Just pm me and tell me what color you would like and I'll see if I still got it. Will combine shipping if you want more than one. I left one on for about a min and it didn't get hot.

    What I got in stock
    4 Woodland
    4 Pink
    4 Wetland
    3 Orange
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