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    Sep 14, 2013
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    Hello fellow chicken owners. First my name. I am the Camp Leader because I have three chicks from my son and have three more from a friend, plus the four of my own. My son got his first and was happily raising them until someone offerred him three hens plus a three month chick. They didn't all live happily together so I got his babies. Mine came a week after his babies. The wife said, "go ahead, if you want some chickens, get some. My friend asked if she could keep some and buy feed, well of course she can. I then had 9 chicks at the house. Then tragedy struck the summer camp. The neighbors dog came under the fence and got one of the friends little babies. She replaced one with two and now we are 10. The story doesn't end there. Got the fence fixed and a pair of hawks showed up in the neighborhood. I of course look for some young roosters to help protect and the wife re-inforced the little run to have a safe place to keep them. (They usually free range the back yard, they were not happy) This morning one of my young roosters is already crowing. The trials and tribulations never end.

    Been stalking for a few months and have finally took the plunge. Glad to be involved. Hope I keep learning from everyone's experience.
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    [​IMG] Most roosters can not defend against hawks, especially when they dive from the air and the impact alone is enough to kill their prey. A covered run will help protect your birds
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    Sep 14, 2013
    Colorado Springs East Side
    Thanks, have that taken care of and let them out to roam when we can kinda help watch.
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