Campbell/harlequin hatching eggs

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    Apr 1, 2011
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    I have khaki campbells, and a welsh harlequin (silver) drake Hatching eggs, from my own small flock.

    I've hatched 3 batches so far this year with a 90-100% hatch rate.

    $6.00 for half a dozen eggs, $15.00 shipping (this includes packaging so the eggs won't break.) I may also include an extra or two if I have it at the time of shipping.

    Due to the stress of shipping and the way the post office may handle them, I cannot guarantee a perfect hatch rate. I do, however, package the eggs as best I can to prevent breakage, and I do label my boxes properly. If you receive broken eggs, send me a picture and we can work something out.

    If you would like to order 12 eggs, shipping is the same. I use a flat rate box so as long as they eggs will properly fit the only extra cost will be for the eggs.

    I take cashiers checks or bank checks. I will collect and mail the eggs once I receive payment. The eggs I send will be as fresh as possible.

    PM me with any questions
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