Camper turned Coop/Garden shed?

Sabrina Volner

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Feb 26, 2018
I was wondering if anyone had any advice on converting a camper into a coop/garden shed. I've got nine (still!) silver and gold Wyandotte chicks, and the coop we ordered won't work in our yard. We've got a lot of straight winds that have torn off the roof of our porch, and have relocated our bbq to the yard. We're pretty sure if we try to use the coop, our hens will end up in OZ. So, our idea is to turn our camper into a coop/garden shed. This is not our camper, but a similar one...

What are the MUST HAVE'S for my wonderful new space? I do plan on expanding my flock a bit, but nothing outrageous.


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Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
You are not the first to have this Idea. I have mentioned converting campers into coops for a long time. You will need to provide a lot of ventilation. Winter time ventilation needs to be up high. Summer time ventilation will include all those windows open. You will need to predator proof the openings (1/2 inch hardware cloth or 1 inch welded wire)since predators like raccoons have no problem getting thru the screens presently there. Redo the interior to make it suitable for chickens with roosts. Keep some of the cabinets to store feed and supplies. You may consider installing poop boards/shelves under roosts for EZ cleaning. A chicken pop door with automatic opening makes things easier for letting them out and locking them up in eve.
Make your roosts about half way between floor and ceiling or lower. In the summer, the chickens can benefit from the cool breeze from open windows. In the winter, they will be well below from the possible drafts of the upper vents still to be installed. Ask any specific questions, since we do not know exactly what you need to clarify.
WISHING YOU BEST...... and :welcome

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