Campine specialists OR "My, that's an awfully large comb you've got!"


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Mar 2, 2008
Portland, OR
Hi! First post, lonnnnng reader/lurker.

I've got a little two-week-old Golden Campine chick that is raising some eyebrows around here. She came from a sexed order, but she's awfully well endowed with a rather large comb, especially when compared to the other girls (none of whom are Campines).

Could you help a newbie out and give her a look? Tell me she's just a nicely combed girl, and not a wily little boy who sneaked into the hen house!

Thanks in advance, and HI!



*sigh* for the largest part of his childhood I called this little guy Susan. He looked just like "her". People made fun of me and I still insisted he was susan. He is now Sigmund.
He is an awesome sweet rooster though, if that helps any.

My girls were quick to get thier combs, but not as quick as the roo. So without another to compare to, I wouldnt want to guess. If it helps my roo crowed a good 6-8 weeks earlier than my Buckeye roo, so if she is a he, you will know sooner rather than later.

Confirming my (admittedly amateur) suspicions, three of four replies say ROO!

Thanks to all...except for the chicken sexer, who really didn't do me any favors! This is the second out of five chickens we're going to have to rehome.

And s/he's so sweet, too! Ah, well. At least we gave him/her a unisex name: The Bean.
Is there no way you can keep her if she is a he? I know it is heartbreaking.
I know mine has such a goofy. sweet personality and is so good with "his" hens.

Oh, and thanks.
I am awfully proud of him.
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We're city slickers, and we're not allowed the boys. Plus, my neighbors are awesome; I'd hate to make a good thing go sour because The Bean wanted to wake everyone for blocks.

So sad though. I just love The Bean. He's as sweet as can be, and a lover not a fighter. For now, anyway!

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