can a Americana pullet start begin laying noncolored eggs..


Oct 10, 2017
I have a Barred rock just positively started laying about ten days ago. Also, positively my BCM pullet has laid two dark eggs this past week.. Obviously dark belonging to my BCM..

Ok, I have an americauna pullet.. Same age as my BR. I've been getting multiple eggs per day that look identical to the Barredrocks eggs. Is she laying two or three x a day or is the Americana not laying colored blue egg tinted eggs???

Pictured below is all the eggs in between a sexlink and a buff orphingtons egg


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Again... Is it likely my br is laying a couple eggs a day or is my americana not starting out with blue green eggs??


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It resembles my other EE hen and other ee hens ive seen. Colored same colored feet and puffs under & around face however chipmunk striped as a chick but had puffs then too


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That looks like a easter egger, if you got her from a feed store then it is almost definitely a EE. It is rare for hatcheries to have true ameraucanas, a feed store having them would be even more uncommon. EEs can lay any colored egg.
Also to answer the question of "can a ameraucana pullet start begin laying non colored eggs?" the answer is no, I think, they might have the odd egg that is not colored properly but no, the laying of non colored eggs should not happen when they start to lay or anytime. Unless, you just get a random poorly tinted egg, which does happen sometimes with any bird. But if the bird has been laying brown eggs then she should continue to lay brown.

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