Can a baby chick raised with hens become a productive rooster


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Sep 20, 2010
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This spring I hatched out some Buff Orpington chicks and then lost my rooster to a predator. All of the brood was raised in with all of the hens so naturally the chicks were on the bottom of the pecking order. All of the chicks were harvested a few weeks ago except one large male. He is now starting to crow and attempting to move up in the pecking order. My question is this: Will he ever be able to become a productive rooster with these hens?
Yes, as he gets older he will become top roo. Since he is the only roo in the flock he most likely be "king of the flock"

How old is he now ?

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Oh, you betcha! The older ladies will eventually succumb to the Natural Order of Things Chicken and he, being the only male, WILL be The Rooster in your flock, with all rights and priveliges of that role.

Ain't Nature grand???
Absolutely. I raised two cockerels together, my now alpha rooster Thor and his brother Zeus. Zeus was the alpha roo, but once I re--homed him Thor cowboy'd up and has been leading the flock ever since. Before Zeus was re-homed, Thor was at the very bottom of the pecking order.
Don't be surprised if they try to show him who is boss for a bit...I had this happen between a dominant BR hen and a younger rooster as he tried to establish himself. Eventually, though, he showed her who was boss and after that he was undisputed king of the coop.
Absolutely! My buff orpingtons hatched out an EE/Buff cross roo. He was the only surviving chick and we called him Uno. He is now the protector of the flock! He's also a been a daddy. The funny thing is, there is one of the buff hens that he absolutely does not mate with. I think that's his mom.
If you'll pardon the pun, a single rooster in a flock of hens will not be henpecked. He'll do what comes naturally to him and take over.

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