Can a baby survive alone?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by sinistershelly, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Jul 17, 2011
    I have 9 12 week old BR's. A couple weeks ago I bought 6 lil one week old babys of all breeds. Yesterday my STUPID DOG dug into the run during their play time while I was inside dealing with kids and killed 5 of them. Now I just have one lil chickadee, all alone. I have her inside now, no more play time, Im too scared, STUPID DOG [​IMG][​IMG]
    When I brought her in, she cried and cried. I stuck a stuffed animal in her box with her and it seems to have calmed her down and she even slept in its lap last night. Thats where she spends about 98% of her time, on that stuffed pooh bear. I doubt I can just put her in with the 12 week olds without a grouchy roo taking her out. Will she be ok by herself, or should I go to the feed store and try again for a couple of mates? I feel so bad for this lil baby.
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    She could. She will survive, most likely. The kindest thing, IMO, is to get some more chickies for her.

    We have been through this. A horrible hatch, a string of bad luck and we only had one lone chick left. We tried for a few days, but all she did was chirp for someone... anyone.... Ok when I was home to hold her, not great 99% of the time. She would cuddle with a stuffed teddy and then wander around peeping. My heart broke for the wee one, so I asked around and got her some buddies. She grew up to be a lovely hen and is producing wonderfully for me. [​IMG]
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    I raised a lone baby chick when I was a dumb teenager, bought it at the county fair and raised it in a hamster cage. [​IMG] Mama made me get rid of him when the crowing started, and I gave him to a local family that had a flock, he settled right in. I miss that little bugger, we were pals, but he did seem to need me there with him a lot, got where he slept in bed with me. When I left I would leave the radio on for him and leave a warm water bottle in his cage for him to cuddle.

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