Can a baby turkey be put with barred rock chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by shyhwngrl, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Mar 24, 2013
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    Ok... So... Here we go...

    I found a chick in Feb and decided to take care of it. I am not sure... But I think it was at least a day old? I will post a pic... Ok... So I begged and begged and my husband finally agreed and go me chicks. I wanted only 1 but when he went to the feed store they made him buy at least 6 which was the min u had to buy. He was not happy... I kept all my happiness and excitement inside, lol. I 've always wanted to raise chickens.

    Well, its been 5 wks or 6... Um somewhere around there... Since I found Tweet, the little chick. I think Tweet and the barred rock chicka are a week or 2 aoart in age. I will post a pic.

    Anyhoo, I had them all together since the day I got the barred rocks. The pic of them all together was about 15 mins aftr I made them socialize with eachother. At first there was 1 specific bird that kept pecking at Tweet. Oh I was getting so mad! But I knew its part of nature so I was being positive that Tweet was goina stand his or her ground ( Yah Im still.not sure what sex Tweet is) and sure enough there were all good within a couple hours.

    Now... After having them together for about 3 weeks.... My sister brings home a baby turkey, that someone found when they went hunting the night before. Me being the one who doesnt want the baby turkey to be lonely... I immediately grab my bird, Tweet, and put Tweet in with the baby turkey. Im sure I will probably get a lot of No no's for doing it... But I had enough confidence to do it because Tweet is a very caring and laid back chick. I didnt grab any of the barred rocks because out of 6 of them only 1 is nice and I wasnt sure if the barred rock woild flip.out at a small little thing. So I grabbed Tweet and put Tweet in with the baby turkey.

    Tweet walked up to the baby and stared at it tilting its head left and right back and forth, walked to the food and water and was fine, lol. My sister in law came out kinda worried. She didnt know I put Tweet in with the baby. For the records.... My sister is actually my sister in law, my brothers wife. I have watched her bring 1 single goose home and raise it all alone and then buy 3 chicks and put them with her and let them be. I watched her buy 2 baby chicks and raised them in the house and let them run around I watched her buy a baby sheep(ram) and listened to cry all night. I made my husband buy a sheep the next day because I refused to watch the ram grow up lonely. It worked out just fine they have a baby now. I will post a pic.

    Now there is this lonely baby turkey... Well actually, Tweets in there with the baby... But my question, after all that rambling (and if u are still reading this... Mad props to u ;-) ) is:

    1. Is it ok if Tweet (who I believe is 5 wks old now) stays in the cage with the baby turkey? We are goina put the heat lamp up today. Will it be too hot for Tweet? The baby turkey keeps tucking under Tweet, or sticking its head in Tweet's wing. And like a kind animal Tweet is... Majority of the time Tweet will just stay there for a momemt so the baby can warm up.

    2. I take it Imma jus end up putting them all together since the all babies right. Is that not goina be a good thing? We have no other turkeys and I highly doubt we will end up with another one.

    3. Should I jus put Tweet back with the other chicks so they wont doing a pecking order on Tweet in a week or so? I plan on putting the baby in with all of them eventually.

    4. Gosh Im still rambling... So sorry ... I was planning on taking a barred rock out and switching them out one at time for a couple hours at time to get them used to the baby chick for its permanent time with them. Would that be ok? To have them all together? The poor thing is still cold so I crocheted a little dome and put the baby in so that Tweet doesnt have to stay in one area. I think Tweet is irratated with me because she stuck with a baby chick.

    HELP.... WHAT DO I DO?

    Any suggestions and all comments will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time!

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    I do feel sorry for the little turkey. I hope it doesn't have mites of lice or anything. Put up a heat lamp, just make sure there is enough room for them to move away from the heat if they feel too warm. It does sound like eventually the turkey will be raised with the chickens.
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    Mar 24, 2013
    Kamuela, Hawai'i
    Scratch n peck... Thanks so much for yoir comment. My husband and brother put the heat lamp on and the baby turkey fluffed right up and went straight under the lamp and sat. I rook Tweet out and put it (still not sure if its a girl or boy) with the rest of the chicks to catch some sun. I figured the baby turkey would be ok because of the heat lamp. When I walked back to check on the baby I cld hear it chirppin

    I put a mirror in with it jus out of the heat lamp area but still close enough so it can lay and still see itself. Baby turkey seems just fine and Tweet is ok with chicks while they soak up some sun.... So Im a happy camper right now. I will be putting Tweet back in with the baby when the sun goea away... Its goina rain here in a hr or so...

    Thanks for your comment once again. I truly do appreciate it :)

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