Can a barred rock rooster mate to a guinea?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by hagamama, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Sep 10, 2011
    My guinea hen hasn't laid an egg in the last year and a half that we've have had her. At least non that we've EVER found and she stays close to home.

    This past spring we added some chickens to our brood, a barred rock rooster was a surprise and that rascal is taggin every bird he can.
    About a month ago our guinea went broody. We counted about 18 eggs under her this morning. We've moved her into a secure area and she is still on those eggs.

    My question is this: Can our barred rock rooster mate with our guinea and produce fertile eggs or is my guinea hen just nuts?
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    Oh, he can mate her all he wants..and will. But they won't produce viable offspring. Had a roo and a duck do this once and she sat on those eggs for a long time but finally abandoned the nest. Inside the eggs were little half-formed chicks of some kind but no real features could be distinguished to determine what they would have looked like.
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    I stand corrected! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Quote:Ducks and chickens are much further apart in evolutionary history than are guineas and chickens...though it is still surprising that guinea/chicken hybrids can happen. The guinea/chicken hybrids that hatch will be sterile, however.

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    Quote:She's not nuts, she's broody....although that runs a close second [​IMG] guineas and chickens go broody and set on whatever eggs are handy, they don't care if they're fertile or not. They'll sit on golf balls if you stick them under there! Take away the eggs and they'll probably just sit there for another few weeks like they're trying to hatch the floor! lol If you have fertile chicken eggs you can stick them under her and she'll hatch those for you! It will probably make her happy to have some babies. Just make sure she eats enough since she'll be on the nest a little longer then normal.

    Good luck!

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