Can a blind silkie rooster thrive? :-(

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    Mar 15, 2015
    I have a one year old silkie roo who I believe has gone blind :-( For the last 2 weeks he has been hanging out in the shed with the hens and not going out in the run. I didn't pay much attention until yesterday. He was weak. I thought he was sick. Two seven month old cockerels stared picking on him and he was running all over trying to get away. They have been FINE living together all of this time. I brought him out to look him over and he made his way towards the run and kept walking into it.

    I brought him in the house. He could not find the food and water. Once I helped him he scarfed food and water down. Then was biting at the air...I realized it was as if trying to eat out of the hanging feeder. He is crowing at night. Will only eat and drink when I help him find it. So I ran to the coops to help him multiple times today.

    This poor baby...what should I do? Can a blind chicken survive? I thought about blocking off a small area of the run, putting shelter and food/water close by...right now he can not find food/water on his own even thought he has lived in the house and has ate and drank in there for almost a year now. He seems so confused and sad. It is breaking my heart. Worst case we will have to put him down. I wanted to ask first. If there is ANY chance for him to be okay, I would hate to make the wrong decision.

    Any thoughts?
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    Sep 14, 2016
    I would say that it would be wise to put him down. Chickens can't live a happy life when they can't see. He may survive if you continue to help him along him but he certainly won't thrive. There is nothing else you can do and you would not be making the wrong decision by putting him down. I know it's very heartbreaking. Best of luck to you!
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    Sorry, I am way on the other side of the fence and believe that he can have a good life, even if blind.

    If you can construct him that smaller coop and run of his own with the food and water close and in the same spot, he should be fine. If he could have a friend with him, even better and I have read stories of the friend chicken calling out to the blind chicken when food is available etc. If no friend available, even just some wire separating him from the others so that he will not be picked on but can still hear them and have some company.

    If you have the time and are prepared to give him that extra attention he will need, there is no need to cull him.

    If you search ‘Blind Chicken’ in BYC you will probably read lots of success stories on giving a blind chicken a chance.
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    I've seen threads about blind chickens, try typing "blind chicken" in the search box but kind of agree with SilkieSanctuary. You maybe able to find someone that will take him and work with him? You need to do what's best for him.

    I had a 3wk old chick that suddenly wasn't able to walk, everyone (BYC) was supportive with what the problem maybe & remedies and yes some recommended culling. I decided to try the vitamin supplement for a while and if no improvement I'd cull. I'm retired and had the time to work with him, after 2wks which seemed alot longer, he was able to walk & eat/drink on his own. Think he may also have a neurological problem, he's also quivering but he's functional and a great pet.

    Good luck...

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