Can a broody hen lay an egg?

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    Ok, I already know she can, because it happened yesterday. Just really wondering what is happening with that.
    I put AliceAnn in a wire bottom cage as soon as she refused to leave the nest, was growly, and pecked me upon inspection. This is her 4th broody so I know what she is like when she sets.
    That was Wednesday in the evening.
    Yesterday, she spent the whole day in her cage, grumpy-clucking and wishing she could be in her empty nest box.
    Then, late last night, I found an egg in with her that only she could have layed. She was trying to roll it under her and keep it all nested, with no bedding.
    I took the egg, but left her in the cage. I know she is broody!
    This morning, one of her pals sprung her from the cage and she was back on her fave nest, growling and grumping.
    I placed her back in the cage and secured the door better.
    Is it possible she is just starting to be broody, and thus is still laying eggs? Anybody ever seen this before?
    Thanks in advance for some thoughts on this oddest of situations.

    Bright Blessings!
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    Yes, some of them will keep laying for a little. I have a Black Copper Maran who keeps going broody. Her eggs are pretty distinctive, and she will lay one or two after she has gone broody. I just take them away, and keep with my anti-broody treatment. She's gone broody twice this year already...persistent devil.
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    ok, thanks, so much! I knew she was broody (and continues to be)!

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