Can a Delaware roo and RSL hen produce sex-linked chicks? (pics)

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by CovenantCreek, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. CovenantCreek

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    Of the 12 eggs that I set, 2 of the chicks had/have stripes (one died w/o pipping). Another, that was in a shell almost definitely produced by an RSL (based on size and appearance) doesn't have any stripes, and, for now anyway, looks like a Delaware. Here are pics of the one with stripes:

    Pics of the others:
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    Posted in wrong topic, my mistake!
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    what is a RSL hen?
  4. speckledhen

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    Red Sexlink = RSL

    No, you cant have a reliably sexlinked bird with a hybrid mated to a purebred or another hybrid. May be just a different pattern that the chick got or could be a coincidental sexlink, one that just happened but that you cant depend on every time.
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    They're sure cute, whatever they are!!!
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    Cute chicks.
    I am going to put my Delaware hen in with one of my RSL roos (her son) and see what I get from them just as an experiment.
    I also want to see what color the eggs turn out to be when they grow up too.

  7. Kev

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    For sex linking to work, it has to be a mating of hens with the sex linked traits bred with roosters lacking the sex linked traits.

    In Delawares, the sex linked traits are barring and silver(that's what makes them black and white). So for your example, a RIR rooster bred with Delaware hens will work for sex linked chicks. Delaware roo over RIR hens would just give ALL chicks looking more or less the same- no sex linking.

    Do your RSL hens have white tails and white spots on hackles? If so, they have Dominant White(the reason their tails and spots on necks are white- it eleminates black but leaves gold/red pigments unaffected). Keep in mind, they are "crossed" so they will all be 'not pure' for Dominant White:

    Delaware roo x RSL(with white tails)= half of the chicks will get the Dominant White, combined with the Silver from the Delaware, will be mostly or even all white. Some will eventually "leak" some red, especially on the breasts of hens and on the saddle in roosters.

    The other half won't get the Dominant White so they are more likely to show a bit more color, as in black on the tails and hackles and some will show red leakiness also.

    So if all of these are out of RSL eggs, it could be the difference is merely some chicks inheriting Dominant White and the half not. Just a guess though- not very familiar with RSL and Delaware genetics(beyond Delawares being columbian,barred and silver..)
  8. CovenantCreek

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    Oct 19, 2007
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    From the sounds of it, at least I should be able to tell the purebreds from the crosses as they start to feather out...but not until then........ [​IMG]

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