Can a Drake breed an Embden goose?


10 Years
Jul 27, 2009
Eastern Shore, VA
Ok so I just discovered that I have 2 female Embden geese or I beleive I do. I am getting 2 eggs most everyday. Sometimes it is every other day. I have a Cayaugo drake named Martin and a Khaki Campbell drake named Maxwell. I have seen both drakes grabbing the necks of both Delilah and Gwendolyn. I have also witnessed the kc Maxwell on top of the one goose in the pool. Well yesterday I decided that I was going to cook the eggs they were laying since we aren't eating them so I cracked all that I had and I noticed that there were little spots on the yokes that looked very similiar to that of the fertilized chicken egg.

Is it possible that this little 4 to 4 1/2 pound drake is able to do this job considering she is at least 10 - 15 pounds.

I do have a picture but I was afraid to post it cause some people may consider it offensive, which it does not show the mating but that Max is on top of her.
Are you sure you have 2 females? There has been many days when I go and see 2 eggs in one pen that only has one female... I missed the egg last time I checked because they like to hide them in the nest.... This could be happening to you? Geese and ducks have 2 different chromosomes and are not compatible ... They can breed but he can not fertilize her eggs....
ok so I am not 100% sure of 2 females but they aren't laying in the same area. One egg is found in the coop on one side and then the other on the other side. Two different size of the eggs also. I have also noticed that they don't chum around everywhere they once did. One can be in a totally different side of the yard. If one is a male then shouldn't he be trying to remove the drake from the goose.

I have seen no indication of them mating either. Their pouches are similiar in size and both of my drakes will tug and pull on BOTH of my geese.

I wanted to get a gander for them but now I am afraid to do that until I know for certain.

and if I am lucky to have 2 females how many ganders can i get. I found 2 American Buffs and didn't know if it was fair to leave one behind.

If you particularly wanted to get both ganders you can. You just may have to separate them into pairs for breeding season ...
Oh thank you, I kinda felt bad about getting one without the other. I am just a softie and feel that these wonderful animals have feelings like we do. I haven't even seen them yet :)
YW. I saw where you said it would make you feel bad to leave the other one alone.

If there are only two, already together, that's what I would do -- get both males. I was always able to leave my old flock with surplus males together. My new flock -- well there was a serious-looking fight one day. If things hadn't completely calmed down after that, I would have separated them (I asked here and was told they can kill each other). Next year I WILL separate out that male, since he's a Pilgrim and I have a Pilgrim goose too. My Emden ganders get along fine with one another, no problems.

It seems to depend on if the subordinate is willing to BE subordinate, and also the Emden boss gander is willing to let the #2 Emden gander breed occasionally, but neither allow the Pilgrim gander to breed, but the Pilgrim really wanted to.

My Africans/Chinese before gave me zero real problems. They had only VERY minor tussles between ganders, even when I had more ganders than geese. The more I learn though, the more I find they were NOT typical.

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