Can a Hen be Broody Although She Hasn't Started Laying Yet?

Chickie Mamma

Farmer at Heart
11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Sherman, CT
Hello, My Partridge Silkie " Maple " was born 1/17/09. She is almost 6 months and has not started laying yet. I have noticed in the past week, that she has been laying in the same place in the coop and gets really agitated if I move her. She likes to lay on top of a hinged trap door that I use as my "in the coop brooder". I need to move her to put fresh food and water in and she gets nasty when I move her over. She is eating and drinking, but not for long and goes back to her little spot. I have 5 nest boxes in the coop and would like her to use one of those as I have no other broodies in there. Any advice on how to get her to use a nest box? Thanks

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