Can a Hen have broken legs?

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    Hi all. I've been lurking here for more than a year and have built my coop and run and taken care of my chicks and now young adults based upon everything that you all have taught me. Now I need help. I've done several searchs in the forums for any suggestions for my Jersey Giant hen. I've posted on Sufficient Self too.

    My hen, approx 10 months old, for the past 12 days, has not been able to walk on her feet. She can only walk on her legs. We came back from vacation to find her this way. The worker who stayed here, said that she was probably tired, so he didn't do anything with her. Since then, every day I remove her from the coop, take her to a shaded area, hand feed her and give her water.

    Based upon my searches here, I also give her a splash of ACV in her water, feed her some organic plain yogurt, and some variety of grains and bread crumbs. I hand carry her back into the run at night, and she manages to work her way up to the coop in time for bed.

    I've seen her poop, and felt her tummy, so she is not egg bound. The rooster doesn't seem to care that she's not well, as he'll jump on her at any opportunity. Could he have broken her legs? She, as well as the other three hens, are bare on their backs from his attention. They have not gone thru their first moult. Three of the four were laying consistently, but now I'm down to one egg a day. Since I can't tell them apart, I don't know if she was the consistent or inconsistent one.

    Any further suggestions for my hen? Thanks so much!
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    Do you feed your hens a good layer feed? And I would recommend getting rid of a rooster that is too rough with the hens. If he's ripping the feathers off their backs, he's too violent with them in my opinion. Have you felt your lame hens legs for any signs of a broken bone? Do they look disfigured at all?

    I would put vitamins/electrolites in their drinking water at the very least. I'm wondering if they've ever been wormed?

    These are just a few things to think about.......

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