Can a male barred rock be differentiated from a male black star/black sex link?


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May 26, 2012
I am just curious if it possible to tell a male barred rock from a male black star/black sex link? I got 15 assorted heavy breed chicks for meat purposes from Paris Farmers Union (who gets them from Murray McMurray). I know I have one or both of those two in the mix. It's not like it really matters, but I was curious and it could help me hone my observation skills.

Yes, but not as a chick. You'd have to wait until it was older to see the barring quality and consistency, whether or not there are solid colored/off-colored feathers, especially in the tail, etc. Sometimes the bird will be really much darker than a normal cockerel, sometimes with almost white hackles, just not consistently barred at all.

Some hatchery BRs are such poor quality, sometimes it's hard. My first rooster ever was a McMurray BR I rescued from an FFA kid who wasn't good at managing his birds, best guy in the world, temperament-wise, and very large bodied, nice yellow legs. Barring was a mess, but consistent all over his body, my Hawkeye. I must say, generally, I think the McMurray BRs are larger bodied than the Ideal BRs, but I haven't seen any in a few years so could be that has changed.
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