Can a Mallard drake successfully breed a much larger female duck?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by DuckDolly001, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Apr 11, 2016 this is my first year raising chickens and ducks on our 4 acres. However, my ducks (that have been raised together) are now 4 months old and I've noticed a little squabbling between my pekin and my mallard.I'm pretty sure these 2 are both males out of my flock of 5. They haven't been really rough with each other yet and only tend to get crabby with each other when I put them in their 8 x 6 coop for the night. Their run is 10 x 15 and all my ducks are happy as can be with each other while in the run. I'm thinking I might want to start separating my pekin drake and mallard drake at night though when I put them in the coop. MY WORRY is over-breeding....I only have 3 females ( 1 Crested, 1 Black Swedish, 1 Cayuga). All 3 of my females are quite a bit bigger than my Mallard drake...Will he be successful if he tries breeding them along with my Pekin? I don't want my females to be over-bred but I have a hard time seeing my Mallard being able to do anything besides "attempt" to breed based on his size and my females' sizes.

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    It will depend on your duck. I keep bantam roosters with large hens. Some can do it and others can't. You will have to choose a male, I wouldn't keep more than one with them. You could swap them out, penning one. Two males of any species will be at each other a lot.

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