Can a mama hen keep chicks warm in cold weather? (UPDATE)


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Oct 5, 2008
Madisonville, KY
I think my mama silkie might be broody. She's been wanting to set on eggs one last time for this year, so I saved up her eggs and put 13 under her. It looks like she is setting. That means they are going to hatch out November 25th. They will be Silkie and BR or Silkie and Ancona crosses. Can she keep them warm enough or will I have to set up a heat lamp?

**** UPDATE ****

Okay, I set 13 eggs under her, and she laid two more in the nest while setting. Out of those fifteen, 13 of them are developing!
It does look like 3-4 of them have quit though, so hopefully I'll get away with only 8-10 babies.

I never expected that many to develope! Last time she had 6 eggs and only 1 baby, I expected MAYBE 3-4 babies! Looks like I'm going to have to find a way to heat the little coop she's in, because I don't think she can keep that many warm.
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I have a broody bantam friz hatching right now. It's been cold and she is in a pen by herself. I put a heat light nearby to keep the temp up. Not to close you dont' wnat to start a fire. Just keep the room temp up should be fine. I owuld think, I'm new so ths is new to me. Ky's got to be warmer than NY.
I have a game Hen who is surrogate momma for my light sussex and black orps. They are about a week old and it's been getting pretty cold here at night in Va., but they are growing and doing great with no problems so far. I would say go for it. Momma hen knows when they need to be warmed up.
For the past few days we've been in the 60's, and I think we will be under 70 from now on. She and her babies are sperated from the flock and in our building so she's out of the wind and rain. We've had problems with skunks taking the eggs and there really isn't a good place for her to set long term in the coop. I rehomed all of my chickens that were laying, and have mostly pullets now, so I cleaned out the laying box and kinda got ready for winter.
Well she hatched 5 and one got smushed. A bantam but the others including one bantam are still alive. I don't think they will grow as fast as brooder chicks cause they don't eat as much, but they seem to be donng fine. she has one more egg but I dont' know what will happen with that. I may take it and p7t it in a incu.

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