can a raccoon undo a latch or other door fastener?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
or do I need a lock? I purchased some of those door latches where you flip the metal piece over this other piece and then you turn the piece to secure it... is this something a clever raccoon can figure out? can they turn the knob thingie and then undo the latch?

do I need a different type of latching system or do I need padlocks?
I think it depends on the determination of your raccoons. Some of them will work at it till they figure it out, and people need to buy locks. Around here I don't even think the racoons are interested in chickens. If you want to be safe, get a lock.
with a raccoon you need a system that requires multiple moves to open the latch. Raccoons can open slide locks, hooks, turn knobs, etc. but can only do one move at a time. If you have a combination of a bunch you will be fine
so if I have two of those turn style ones and padlock one of them do you think I'll be ok? I wanted one at the top of the door and one at the bottom. so that they can't pry the bottom part of the door open enough to sneak in.
I have 5 coops... they each have a lock on the door. The big hen house actually has 3 different door fasteners on the main door. Two are quite simple to open, but the third has a turn latch and lock. The keys are hung on a hook close by, but every coop is locked securely when I put the chickens up at night. When the coons figure out how to insert key and turn.. we're all in trouble.

So to answer your question, if you want your chickens as secure as possible... buy a lock.
Ditto! DITTO and DITTO!!! I will ECHO what EVERYONE here said! YEARS ago at one of my homes we had a "coon problem"....TRUST ME....GET A LOCK! Run, don't walk to your hardware store...coon's can be a NIGHTMARE.

padlocks,,don,t gamble with your chickens lives,,raccoons are very clever,they can appear gentle as a kitten but can be as fierce as a grizzly,,cold blooded killers,they love it,,,padlocks,,
I have 4 padlocks on my coop and run!

That may be overkill, but better than killed chickens! I was raised in NYC, so I still lock my cars in my own driveway out here in the middle of nowhere!

Some habits die hard

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