Can a turkey catch the flu???


7 Years
Aug 18, 2012
South Carolina
Hi everyone,
I hatched out a blue palm the day before Thanksgiving, we hand raised him, and he is now having some problems. He was growing up big and healthy and strong...until 2 weeks ago. He has been housed outside in his own house since before the snow melted, and he does mingle with the hens, but before everyone starts screaming blackhead, hear me out...

He was fine and dandy, growing well, strutting and following us around like normal until about 3 weeks ago when he suddenly decided he didn't want to sleep in his house anymore, but instead wanted to sleep up a hemlock tree with the hens. After a wing trim that stopped for the most part, but then he started sleeping out by the back of our pond (which abuts a fence). We thought that was odd but hey, he is a turkey and they do strange things. Then he started getting pale and lethargic, and started sleeping A LOT. Since this started, he has stopped growing, he now sleeps 80% of the day, he has stopped following us around though he will get up to greet you, he moves like he is very stiff, and he is eating very little unless we hand feed him. He also sneezes when he drinks and today, he has been walking around with his eyes closed. I haven't seen him poop in the last few days, but the last confirmed poop he did make (on my kitchen floor....grrrrrr) was solid and VERY STINKY, but not sulfur yellow.
All of the hens are fine, no illness in the flock at all, and they get daily checks.

Now, Cleetus is my only turkey, he is a pet and we love him dearly. Is there anything anyone can think of that might be wrong with him or that might help him? I have veterinary penicillin and can give injections if necessary, but I'm not sure what's wrong with him in the first place so I don't want to treat if the PCN won't do any good.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
We had the same problem a few months back with ours coughing and sneezing, one hen was very lethargic, we got tetrycylcine powder. It's a antibiotic. We made sure they got the correct dosage and they cleared up.

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