Can adults have chick feed and chick grit?

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  1. We have alot of feed left over from previous broods of chicks and are wondering if it is totally safe for adults to have chick starter (mixed with some left-over grower/finisher that is for older chicks) and chick grit.
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    Yes they CAN have it but it lacks the proper nutrition an adult chicken would need and the grit for a chick is much to small to be a great help to an adult bird unless it is pretty small. I only feed my adult birds chick feed when they are ill and that is only the medicated type.
  3. I'm not interested in using this food primarily in their diet. I just needed to know that the combination of these things won't kill them, or hurt them in any way. Now I won't have it sitting in the coop. Thank you!

    ETA: I'll just be mixing a small amount of the chick feed in with their normal food.
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    Mix it with your regular food and they will be fine. Less waste that way! With the antibotics in it, it is so small that you do not have to worry passing it down to the eggs. However they are higher in protein so it would be good for them in the meantime! I would not use chick feed all the time, just what you need to get rid of it by feeding it to your adult birds. I've done it many times and suffered NO ill effects for the birds nor humans eating the eggs.
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    Adult chickens can eat nonmedicated chick starter even as their main diet so long as they have a calcium supplement. I would not feed them medicated starter. Grit does not matter. The pieces are just smaller so less useful to a large chicken and the hens may not be interested in them if they have larger grit available.

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