can angel wing be treated in adlt birds?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by spish, Oct 27, 2011.

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    Apr 7, 2010
    we have a river that runs through our land, through the woods and up towards the city, and ive never really walked down through the woods that way before but did so yesterday with my son to go into town. we were amazed at the amount of different ducks we saw, possibly all dumped? we saw 2 mandarin males, 2 rouen (i think? looked like a mallard but was the same size as a peking) 3 peking ducks, and tons of 'hollandse kwakers' (sorry dont know the english name but they certainly arent a breed you'd normally find in the wild here) there was also a gorgeous black and white bird, bigger than a peking but smaller than a goose..a slim elegant looking bird (similar to a canadian goose but not the same markings and smaller) there was even a black swan with a red beak! a lot of these birds had rings on the feet, and also i spotted a few with clipped wings...which worries me as they wont be able to escape the foxes in the area

    anyhow we reached the edge of an industrial park where the river gets really shallow and more stream like, and there on the bank was a huge rouen male with what i believe to be angel wing, his wing edges were all twisted up and sticking out at strange angels. it looked uncomfortable but the duck didnt seem bothered.

    ive fired off an email to the town hall today asking would they mind if i rounded up a few of these 'strays', especially the rouen and those with clipped wings, to bring them into the local bird sancutary or here to my home where they can be protected from cats/foxes etc

    im just wondering would we be able to do something about the bad angelwing? can a duck live a happy healthy life with it?
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    If you get him home ou can clip the wing like you would to prevent flight, and repeat after molt regrowth. It would help eliminate the protruding feathers, but no permanent fix for an adult. Good for ou wanting to help those birds others dumped.
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    How sad spish that it goes on all over the world,[dumping] and how wonderful of you to want to help these birds. I hope the town gives the go ahead and your able to help some and maybe find some to take those you can't. please keep us updated. Bless you for caring [​IMG]
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    Also, if the town says no to you, you may want to contact the bird sanctuary as they may be able to catch them. Here, citizens cannot just go in to catch waterfowl (even domestic) but a rescue organization can.
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    i have a adult goose with AW and my vet said my options were to either break the wing, and bind it, and hope it heals correctly, or pinion the wing (cut it off at the tip). Pinioning seems more humane to me if the goose will never need to fly anyway.

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