Can any one help me with waterproofing?


12 Years
Jun 4, 2009
Dutchess County NY
Can any one help me with waterproofing. Here is a pic of my coop under construction. The nest box on the side will have a hinged lid/roof. My concern is water leaking through or behind the hinge. I was thinking of putting a 8-10 wide strip of rubber over the hinge. Any other ideas. Please help!

The rubber or vinyl strip should be fine, as long as its away from the prevailing winds during a storm. Wider eaves would have helped, but not enough to redo the roof...
LvnneP The coop is the shelter and will be in a 10x20 run. I live in NY so yes we get plenty of snow and ice. My thought was to use silicone caulk on the rubber strip and then screw a 1x4 over the rubber and also caulk the edges of the 1x4. The rubber strip will then lay over the hinge. Not the prettiest but I think effective. Any other opinions or Ideas are welcome!!!!
Hinge the lid, then find an old bike tupe. Cut open the tupe and get 2 strips of wood. Put the tupe under the strips, with one strip on the nest box and the other on the coop wall. Nail in place and calk and should make the area waterproof.
redoak That sounds exactly like what i am going to do. Only difference is I have a high voltage rubber blanket that is used to protect high voltage lineman while working on utility poles. The rubber on them is very thick. But I also like the tire tube idea. They are readily available. Thank you for your input. Please keep the opinions coming!!!!
Have you considered having it open from the front? and just putting a roof over it. it looks like you have a lot of overhang on the front and then wouldn't have to worry about waterproofing.
you do need to make sure you have plenty of lip on the inside of the nest box to keep shavings in the box and not dumped out on the ground.
This is how both of mine are.


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