Can anyone help identify these beauties?


8 Years
Nov 9, 2011
Im sorry the pictures are not that good of quality. Not sure what this baby is. I also have a hen that I obtained from a freind a few days ago. Not sure what she is, if she has easter egger in her. Greenish legs and feet, short legs, and a bantam of some kind.

Beautiful baby with feathered legs

Blue wheaten.....

Another thing, I have a Dutch hen and OEG's. The last bird I posted, the hen, is bigger than the OEG's and dutch....Not sure if she is American game or bantam EE or if she is a cross.....anybody have any ideas?
The first one might be part Brahma and the second one might be from a game breed or a breed that resembles games. Sorry I can't be more help, but it is really hard for me to even guess from the pictures.
But they don't look like the typical bantam size I am used too.

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