Can anyone help me confirm chick breeds?


5 Years
Mar 20, 2015
Palestine, Texas
1BE30D57-677A-42A8-BAE2-D50BD3A264FB.jpeg 8895AEBF-4870-486D-9CB1-FB2F1BEC7B49.jpeg 6033BC91-2D42-4B32-89EB-E50B78681242.jpeg I too fell into the trap that is the Tractor Supply bantam bin. To be 100% truthful i’m even considering going back for more. After looking at these little guys i’m guessing I have a few silkies, a few mottled cochin bantams, and one white crested black polish. Can anyone with more experience weigh in on what they think the breeds might be? Thank you!
Thank you so much @Alexandra33! I feel better knowing a more experienced eye sees the same breeds I do! Now i’m going to obsessively hover over them every second of the day haha.
You're so very welcome! :) I don't know if I'm exactly what you'd call "experienced" yet, but I've had a lot of bantams. :p
Yes yes, go enjoy your little beauties!!! :love They're simply precious.


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