Can anyone help me gender ID this mixed bag?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by rjsilvers, Jul 4, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    I'm new to this, and I purchased 5 chickens from a breeder here that I'm pretty sure did not know what he was selling me. I purchased these at 3 weeks and they are now 9 weeks (gold laced is 8 weeks). Just by comparing mine to others pictures I've seen -- except for the gold-laced, the breeds don't seem to look anything like they're supposed to.

    What he sold me was:
    2xSilver-laced Wyandottes
    2xLight Brahmas
    1xGold-laced Wyandotte

    I'm not too overly concerned about the breed, but I am only allowed to have 1 rooster and I think I have at least three.

    I believe the gold-laced is a rooster, as well as the two brahmas/wyandottes that I have marked with the red waddles and the red combs. The two without waddles and pink combs, I think, are hens.



    Anyone with more knowledge care to weigh in?

    Edit, just saw the "Not Sure If You've Got A Pullet Or Cockerel? Click Here! Thread 2" so please forgive the faux pas if I wasn't supposed to post this here.
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  2. ChickNanny13

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    I think you got them "sexed" right....More will peep in after this 4th of July celebration.
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    I'm no expert by any means. In all my research I've found there is no fool proof way to sex a chicken! I'll list off some methods though just for fun.

    Vent sexing...done at hatch by an expert. Considered the most reliable but still can be miss read. Involves looking in the vent of a chick to check sex organs.
    Feather sexing....done at a few days old but only works with certain breeds.
    Basically the above picture is what you are looking for.
    Feather sexing can also involve the colors of feathers on the wings, chest or head.
    Other methods involve turning the chicken over on it's back or holding it by it's legs. A rooster won't tolerate being held on it's back or turned upside down. It will fight to right itself.
    How fast the comb and waddles develop and turn red can be clues.
    Tail feathers coming in and their shape make more clues.

    I honestly go by egg laying. If it lays an egg you've got a hen! I've heard of hens crowing though I wouldn't think it would be the same crow a rooster would have.

    Sorry I'm not much help. It's very frustrating not knowing. Especially when you get attached during the wait only to have to possibly rehome one or more of your flock. I myself have a few mixed breeds I'm waiting on.
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  4. JaeG

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    Your mostly white with black necklaces and black tails aren't Silver Laced Wyandottes, but they may be Columbian Wyandottes. Columbian is used to describe that particular patterning. I'm not familiar with Brahmas (we don't have them in my country) but if they have feathered legs then they probably are, perhaps with a little more black than they should have. I'm not sure about your supposed Gold Laced Wyandotte sorry. Hope that helps a bit!
  5. ChickNanny13

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    Just checkout the pics again, the last pic, the one on the far left....gonna say it's a Cockerel cause the saddle feathering. I can't make out the type of combs they all got but agree with JaeG don't think they're true Wynadottes & Brahmas. I'd give them another couple weeks & post new pics, basically the comb/wattle & the tail/neck feathering.
  6. donrae

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    I do think you have three cockerels. And, to complicate things, Brahmas can be slow to mature, so no guarantees that's a pullet. And, looking back over the pics, I'm not positive the other Wyandotte is female, sorry. Can we get a better pic of the one you think is a hen?

    I also think your Wyandottes are Colombians, not silver laced.
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    OY VEY !!

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