can anyone help me tell my chicks apart?


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I know what I ordered (it's in my signature line) and I think I can tell my Orpingtons from my Rhode Island Reds but after that it gets a little fuzzy. I also think I can tell the Auracana's (at least a few of them) because they have tinier rear ends that kind of drop off while the others tails are a bit bigger. Any other hints? What do I have here? Thanks for any insight you can give me! Aren't they adorable?


okay after doing a little research over on I think these are my silver laced wyandottes and the auracanas

can anyone confirm?
Yup.Darker ones are Wyandottes and Brown ones like this you are holding are the Easter Eggers ( Araucanas)
Yes they are Easter eggers(not araucana) Mixed but carry the blue egg gene and can lay any color in the egg rainbow. Hatcheries only sell the EEs even though you see them advertised as Araucana/Ameraucana. You have to go through a specialty breeder to get the purebreeds if that is whatyou were looking for. EEs are fun, like Christmas, cause you never know til they lay what color the eggs will be and they come in so many beautiful color combinations... I have one EE that is colored like a Brown leghorn, and one that is red,white, and blue and they both lay pale blue/blue green eggs. Then I also have an Ameraucana that lays a beautiful deep blue egg.

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