Can anyone help me with the breeds of these chicks?


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Jul 7, 2021
Hi! These girlies were hatched on April 22 by our broody Buff Orpington Ginger and our rosecomb bantam Hazel! They hatched out of barnyard mix eggs that we got from our neighbor but we aren’t sure exactly all the hens she has! We know she has 1 barred rock rooster (given to her by us years ago😂) and 1 blue copper maran rooster! So I was wondering if anyone might have an idea as to what they are!😉 Thanks in advance!😊


1st- Pookie
I thought that she looks kind of like a blue maran x Ayam Cemani cross! She is from a blue copper maran rooster because of her feathered feet and my brother told me that our neighbor does have an all black hen! I’m just not sure where the rose comb came in? And she has black tinted skin but not fully black? The first picture is more recent!😉


2nd- Onion
I was thinking that she’s a splash maran because she also has a blue copper maran hen or two! But she just looks so much like my moss egger chicks that we got from Alchemist farm!😉 The third and fourth pictures are of Gus and Shelly our moss eggers! Gus is the cockerel with giant wattles and a huge comb! They are almost 2 months old!😂



3rd- Jazzy
I don’t think she looks fully barred rock so I was thinking barred rock x cuckoo maran!😉

4th- Jewel
I’m thinking she’s the exact same as Jazzy!😉 She was one of the two hatched by Hazel!😁

These are the two roosters we got out of it! Tuna- a blue maran x buff Orpington cross and Blue- a barred rock x blue maran cross!😉 Blue was also hatched by Hazel!


These are two others that Ginger hatched out! We had to get rid of them due to aggression towards the others! Junior- a full barred rock cockerel and Mr. Meanie- who looks like Pookie but without the black skin!😉


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1-potentially a Marans mix, might not even be fibromelanistic and may grow out of the dark skin. This often occurs in pullets. I honestly doubt it having part Ayam Cemani and think it will grow up to have normal skin!
2-her coloring is paint rather than splash. This indicates dominant white. Without knowing possible parent breeds, I would assume being part Leghorn is likely
3/4-since you know they have a Barred Rock rooster, these birds could have many potential mothers and still have the same appearance since all chicks from a barred rooster will be barred. While they could be part Cuckoo Marans, there are certainly many other options. The other parent would have to have pink/white skin.

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