can anyone identify the breed and sex??


9 Years
Feb 26, 2010
i was given another 3 chickens on wednesday but i have no idea what they are, at first i thought some sort of brahma cross? i think one is definatly a cockeral but the other two im unsure of.......can anyone help?






I think you have two hens and a rooster, and they are a easter egger cross.... or americana cross. and it looks like you have an egg sitting in the mud in the first just thought id add that in..
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I agree it looks like two hens and a roo but the mix looks more like Araucana with a dash of Cochin. The colors on the neck and back are identical to my Araucana but from the waist down looks like my Cochin pullets. Hope that helps
I am thinking
Easter Eggers X Dark Brahma
due to the comb, beard, body type, and feathered shanks. I also agree with the one roo, 2 hens. It can be a little hard to tell with the E.E's but your boy has pointed saddle and hackle feathers, a little bit of a redder comb, the dody stance, and curled tail, and color pattern that isn't as camouflage as the girls.
im secretly hoping its 1 cockeral and two hens, but i suppose i'll have to wait and see if they lay? (its a rock in the first pic
) the guy who gave them me told me its was 3 cockerals but they look more hennish to me ( the two smaller ones) many thanks for the help so far!

i have another cockeral with my other chickens, can any id him for me too? im guessing he's a cross between something too....?

He also looks like an EE cross. He has nice GDW coloring. It looks as though he may have been dubbed, although it may just be a pea comb, hard to tell in the pics.
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