Can anyone name my chickens? (high quality pictures)


6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
Does anyone know what breeds these two chickens are? The second pocture (grey chicken, i think is some type of frizzle) and is very hyper! and neither are laying yet. I have another chicken which i know is a rhode island chicken, who lays.

this is ash

this is oreo (the guy i bought them off said there is a 50% chance of her laying green eggs, and she may be a sizzle)

Thanks! :)
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The grey one looks a lot like a Sultan cross, maybe some polish in it. Hard to say without seeing its legs.

Are you in the US? If not, where are you?

We really can't see any thing of that first bird, need a profile pic including legs.

The second bird is not a frizzle, frizzles look like someone's pointing a blow dryer up their tail and all their feathers are ruffled.
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I get confused on the out of country breeds but I think your second bird may be an Aussie aracauna, something like that. I'll wait for the experts to weigh in, like I said I get confused on the different standards in the different countries.

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