Can anyone recommed an all around excellent chicken book?


Jul 23, 2018
Kootenai County, ID
Hello all!

This is my first flock and they've just started laying (1 egg for 4 days, then 2 eggs for a couple days, then 3 for a couple days, and today 5- all out of 12 RIR pullets).

I was remembering that great video I watched about the chicken reproductive system (thanks Aart- I think it was them that posted it in one of my threads), and I decided it would probably be a good idea to buy a book about chickens- sorta a "Guide to all things chicken" type of book.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I do plan on sticking with the RIR breed for now, small backyard flock (can't have more til we have acreage to put them on), and I won't be getting new chicks til their egg production tanks, prob around 3 years old or so). But I would like to be able to get a really good book to learn everything I can about chickens because I figure- if I'm going to raise layers, raise extra layers to sell the eggs, and eventually (when we have acreage) meat birds and eventually raise show birds for my girls (homeschool- basically 4-H but without the extra cost of 4-H proper), that it would be a good idea for me to learn everything I can :)
As much as I love books, I read constantly, I would not bother to buy any chicken books.
Well, I own two... Ussery and Damerow both good reads but do contain some 'not so great' and/or outdated info. I have not cracked them but a few times since the initial reading.
Try your library, we have state wide borrowing here and can get about any title.
Better to read a borrowed copy before buying, IMO.
I read a couple dozen and very few were worth reading, let alone owning.

This website has given me more information than any book.
I read a lot of the threads and learn a lot.
This^^^ but bring your grains of salt.
I learned more here too, by readingreadingreading for hoursandhoursandhours.
I took notes and saved links in a word doc(you can search it) and a spreadsheet with headers like coops, roosts, nests, dosages, predators, etcetcetc.
But I am old school, laptop with 'real' programs installed for these tasks.

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