Can anyone recommend a trustworthy hatchery/breeder?


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May 2, 2009
The Redwoods of California
I would like chicks (or pullets) of these breeds:

-Easter Egger (color of my choice)
-Silver Spangled Hamburg (large fowl, pullet and roo)
-Silver Lakenvelder
-brown/light brown
-black tail red
-mille fleur
-Copper Marans (I want one that lays almost black eggs)
-Mottled Java
-Speckled Sussex
-SL Wyandotte
-Mottled Houdan
-Grey Japanese bantam
-Modern Game:
-silver duckwing
-golden duckwing
-Naked Neck
-Serama bantam

All the chickens I have so far are from Ideal, which has not given me good quality chickens. I would preferably have show quality birds, and I would like pullets instead of full grown hens.

Could you point me in the direction of a good quality hatchery or breeder, or even a BYCer who sells good quality chicks?
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For the majority of the birds on your list I recommend Little Gem Hatchery in Douglasville Ga. The owners are Lee and Ginney Penny and their BYC name is Marans and More.

I hope this helps

Gee, you don't want much, huh?

Boy you have a long list there, he he. There are no SQ EE's. They are not a recognized breed for showing. If you want to show you need ameraucanas or araucanas if you want the bluegreen colored eggs.

Best wishes!
Yeah, I'm most likely not going to show them, I just want some really good-looking (ornamental) layers, and the hatchery quality ones I get from Ideal are not even close to the breed standard. So I'm thinking SQ chickens would be much more beautiful.

And I want EE's because some of them are even prettier than the standard Ameraucana colors, and they lay the same lovely blue eggs.
I am just gonna say Ideal Poultry because all the birds I have gotten from them have been wonderfully healthy. Also They have all the different colored leghorns. If you want good marans i don't think you want to order from a hatchery.

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