can anyone tel me the breeds of these chickens


6 Years
Aug 19, 2013
Hernando, Florida
I bought 6 hens a week or so ago 1 is a 3 month old little golden buff? 3 are 6 months old they are taller black ones, even black legs and feet
and 2 of these reddish ones.

Can any one tell me what kind they think they are.

I am also keeping them separated form 2 older chickens and was wondering how long you would think I need to keep them apart

Thanks for your help

Pictures would help. Sounds like a buff orpington, rirs, red sexlinks or production reds, the blacks might be australorps or jersey giants what color are the feet bottoms?
If they came from a different place then the 2 older hens you need to keep them apart for at least a month if not more. How much older are these other 2 hens? If these 2 older hens are egg laying age than keep them apart for more than a month. Feed/ handle the older birds first, do the younger ones last. Read up on quarantine on here. Good luck

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