Can anyone tell me anything about american gamefowls?


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Feb 10, 2009
I want to get started in breeding these beautiful fowls.They don`t come cheap so I wanted to know more info about them.
I noticed that there are different bloodlines.Which would be the best bloodline to get for breeding?
I also notice that some breeders are breeding purebred parents but each parent is a different breed...Can anyone explain why they do that?Is it advisable to breed them?Why do they still cost about the same as purebred birds?

I have been looking on the web for breeders and have found some.Although, is there a breeder that you highly reccomend and that I can trust?
I`m looking to start with chicks,possibly eggs.

****Please note that I am NOT going to use them for illegal purposes!
I love this breed and I just want to get a few to breed.Thanks for your understanding!


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Aug 19, 2008
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Bloodline is a personal choice really. Back in their history bloodlines were developed by different breeders due to their own unique abilities and characteristics. The traits that will matter to you most likely will be temperment, vigor, and color. If you're a history buff you may wish to seek out something with an interesting history. Best advice there is if you go to farms spend time around birds of different bloodlines to find ones you like.

2. Breeding parents of different bloodlines is done for many reasons. Mainly to try to produce a bird superior (in whatever respect) to the parents. Sometimes a bloodline is too small so a cross is made to make them bigger. Sometimes its to allow the breeder to establish their own line of fowl that will carry on their name. You can breed them.

The reason that gamefowl and the cross gamefowl cost so much is honestly to cover the amount it costs to properly raise and maintain these fowl. if you were to sit down and figure out the math you'd be surprised how much money goes into a single bird by the time feed, bedding, housing, etc are all supplied over the course of its life.

4. Most guys don't sell chicks. Some will sell eggs, and if you wait til fall you can usually find a few "quail size" (started) young birds for sale here and there.


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