can anyone tell me the sex of my two chickens?


7 Years
Sep 21, 2012

they are both around 4 months old. i hatched them using and incubator with my son. i am clueless about chickens and am trying to educate myself. i was told the little one is a game chicken. they said something like a "banner" chicken. but im not sure if that was the right pronunciation. any information would be apprieciated. the white one is actually one day older then the brown. lately, the white one has been mounting and biting the back of the brown ones neck. so i dont know if they are trying to mate or fight. i dont even know there
Thank you so very much. two things, i wonder why my little brown one hasnt layed eggs yet. i wish i could remember exactly how old they would be. sorry. the other question i have is will the white rooster be able to mate the little brown hen since she is so much smaller? in the meantime, i will try to remember exactly when they were born because i think she would be laying eggs. again, thank you very much! i am trying to learn. thanks for your patience.
She'll probably lay in the next month or so. Her comb is getting red which is a sign of sexual maturity/fertility. Although, not being a high production laying breed, she may not lay until the days start getting longer in the spring. Game hens are known for being scrappy, good at finding food and evading predators and good mommas.

Your cockerel will continue to try to mate her but it looks like he's quite a bit larger and could hurt her. Often, one roo is too hormonal for one hen and he can over mate her. I'd either get a couple more hens asap to "spread the love" so to speak, or seperate them so he can't breed her.

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