Can anyone tell me what breed? FIXED PICTURES


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
North East Missouri
We bought what we thought were 4 Ameraucanas. Three of them look similar. But this one (Jewel) doesn't, the chick right behind her is one of the other Ameraucanas.

Here is another picture of her she is twice the size as the other Ameraucanas.

Any ideas?
Thanks Wendi
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They all look like Easter Eggers hatcheries sell as Ameraucana.

EE are not a pure breed so they can look like anything and lay any color egg. There is no standard to breed to.
They have Ameraucana in thier history but they are cross bred with how-knows-what.
There's nothing wrong with EE and a lot of people love them. They're just not Ameraucana.
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That might explain it then cause she is nothing like the other 3. And at least twice their size. We bought them at Orscheln's. But I don't know where they got them from.

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