Can anyone tell me what breed or mix these might be?


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Feb 29, 2008
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I was given some eggs in the spring and here are some of the chickens. Can anyone help me id them as to breed or mix of breeds?




I know that the first one is a hen and the others are roo's but I'm just not sure on what breed. Thanks for the help!
I think the white one, second from the bottom, is a light brahma. The barred looks like a dominique, judging by the rose comb. The big red and white one looks kind of like my red sex-link roos, except for the feathers on his legs and the blue on his tail. He's an interesting combination of something. And the pretty pullet... I just can't tell you, except that I love her
I agree that the black and white look to be Light Brahmas, The barred appear to be Dominiques. The top pic of the hen looks exactly like one of our hens except for the feathered feet. Ours is a Old English Game Roo mixed with a Barn Yard Mutt. Ours has the same hackle and tail and all as yours. The other multi color Roo looks to just be a mutt but he is a good looking Roo just the same.
You have some beatiful ckicens there! Here's my guesses...

1. RIR and LB mixed - I have a couple that look like that! - Very Beautiful!
2. I am wondering if it is a LB and RIR mix with the LB Roo as the dominant gene - Pretty Bird!
3. LB, just not sure what it is mixed with... I have one that looks similar and it is a LB and Buff Orp mix - Preatiest Boy!
4. Light Brahma and Barred Rock... you will love what he looks like when he gets older - I have 2 of them and one is from the hens genes and the other is from the roo genes of the BR breed - Just gorgeous! Her is a pic of what mine looked like a month ago... He has gotten bigger and more feathers in the tail area... Oh he is gorgeous! I will see if I can get a recent pic of him tomorrow... and will try to catch the other one... he is about 6 months old in this pic....

I agree with your observation on the last two, but for the first two, where would the blue come from in both of them? Neither a LB or RIR carry the blue gene and it is displayed in the tail feathers of both of them.
My LB's have a greenish/blueish sheen in their tails and so does my RIR roo... when there is a mix, anything is possible. I will see if I can catch my LB mix today being nice and wanting to pose so that I can post a pic. Unless there is another breed that doodledo has that has feathers on it's legs... I think I just had a roo hatch out that is the RIR and LB mix, I will keep an eye on him and see what colors he pops out... I definitely have a hen that is that mix, very pretty, blackish almost does look like a blueish... hmmm I will see if I can catch her for a pic today too... she usually disappears early in the morning with her man LOL... I will see what I can do...

I think the first two have some EE in them!
Not sure, but the first one looks like it has a beard LOL and it has an EE face. Maybe that's where the blue tail comes from...?
But RIR have colored tails(not really blue colored but more like greenish/blueish colored) first one also looks like a Red Star/Golden Comet?

Last two look like LB, like everyone else said. Last one kinda looks like a BR...?
Just guesses!
oh ya and the second one looks like a rooster(if you're wondering) and so does the last one.
Thank you all so much for your responses! If I were to breed the first two would the blue that is in both of their tails carry to the offspring? I am clueless when it comes to genetics but I think both of them are pretty birds and would be interested in what they would produce. Thanks again.

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