Can anyone tell me what breeds?


11 Years
Mar 15, 2008
Northern NJ
I have no idea what breeds our chicks might be and since this is our first hatch I am wondering of some of the experts might be able to help me. I have been searching the internet trying to "match them up".

There are three chicks and two of them are half the size of the other so I am assuming they are bantam breeds. I'll start with the larger one....

Chick #1: This ones feathers are coming in white and gold with black trim and he is the larger chick:



Chick #2: This is one of the smaller chicks and he is more colorful with darker feathers coming in. They are gold and black:



This is chick #3: He is about the same size as chick number two but his feathers are coming in white:



Any guesses??
I got the eggs from Abma's Farm here in NJ. This started as a science fair project but have now become hooked on chickens lol. The eggs were all brown eggs and they were the size of an xlarge egg you might buy fron the grocery store. Average size.
Then they are all standards if they all came from standard eggs. Do you know if the farm seperated by breed? If not then you probably have mixes or mutts it will be hard to tell what they are mixed with until they are older.

I'd bet money on the first one being a roo, look at those chubby legs.

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