Can anyone tell me what happened?

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    Oct 5, 2008
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    This past spring a teacher at the elementary school where my mom works hatched out some chicks. One turned out with a deformed foot and the other was very weak and couldn't walk. We are known around here for taking in weak, hurt, deformed, abandoned animals so she asked us to take them. Really, she didn't want the kids to see them die. The one with the messed up foot died and the other got stronger and seemed perfectly fine. The people the eggs came from said it was probably a Golden Comet because they didn't really have any other red breeds.


    It got basically totally feathered out, but we knew something was wrong because it wasn't growing size wise. It ended up that its wings grew and its body didn't. It ended up dying after living for 3-4 weeks. Here are some pics taken a few days before it died:



    I know they aren't very good, but what do you think went wrong with it? What made it stay so small and yet let its wings grow?
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    Could have been mal absorption or something similar. I wouldn't be too surprised if in the class room setting, the eggs had a good amount of fluctuation, which can lead to developmental issues in the eggs resulting in less than thriving chicks.

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