Can anyone tell me what is killing my chicks


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I had 67 baby chicks. I kept them alive for weeks. Now I am down to 29. I know a hawk has gotten some but I have lost some to I don't know what. Some have their insides eaten and some are just squished. There are no marks on them. No feathers missing or anything like that. What is getting them?
My husband says it sounds like a weasel. But without knowing more details of how old, what kind of shelter do they have, it is really hard to understand. Hopefully you find your answer soon. Good Luck!!!
They are about 2 months old. I have a chicken coop that is covered and then they have a big yard to free range. Most of the chicks were found around the coop with two being in the coop. There are no animals able to get in with them. I live in central Florida and there are no weasels in my area. They are in their yard and coop with other larger adult chickens. Could the larger chickens be squishing them?
I never put my younger chicks in with the adults til they are almost the same size and can get away from harassing adults, sometimes they even starve them out if there aren't enough feeders and waterers.....Chicks take 8 to 10 weeks old to feather out well and still need a heatlamp for cool evenings...they may be chilling and the adults finishing them off is all I can think of....
I have a heat lamp for the cooler nights. The adults don't seem to have a problem with them. Sometimes I do see the adults go after a chick when there is a yummy worm or bug around, but that is it.
Some type of critter is getting into your coop and run then...setting a trap might help.....I'd contain the remaining chicks til you find whats killing them....
You may be surprised to learn weasels are found from the arctic tundra to the tip of South America. You DO have weasels. They're just incredibly sneaky and rarely ever seen. If you're not losing chicks to weasels then, from what you described, RATS. Rats will eat chicks exactly how you described, from the inside out.
As for the flattened ones..........BIG RATS

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