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    This 10 m/o BO hen was originally one of 2 I bought and kept at my house in February, then transfered to my friend's flock a couple of weeks later. She has since then been through a period of illness in various phases, initially just showing lethargy and loss of appetite, then weakness but still ablility to move. I brought her back and hand fed her blended mush of medicated water and feed with greens and other protein items for a week or so and then started her on meal worms and greens with her layer feed and she perked up, so I sent her home. Later that week she developed huge swelling in her face that kept her eye closed, particularly the right side, and her throat. She was unable to eat for a few days but took in some fluids. The swelling went down over a week and a half-2 weeks (about 2 weeks ago), leaving strange tumor-like scabby lesions or growths around her right eye and chin, and a still very much underweight hen. She drinks more than she picks around to eat, has pale wattles and comb, and often has fluid, foamy-white poop, presumably mostly urates. She hangs around the outside of the coop and run to be near the other hens (who show no signs of illness BTW), but she is depressed and even lonelier since her BO buddy fell ill and has been in a separate cage for hand feeding and treatment. She was treated for lice last week since her buddy was infested, although she didn't have near as many lice on her. None of the rest of our hens at either house have lice or signs of mites, no sign of illness (except one of my BO's has diarrhea now), and the other BO's from the same seller are fine; it's just these 2 hens that have had a hard time. I have a separate thread about the treatment of the second hen for the past week, and she's not able to stand or eat on her own at this point

    Here are photos of the first hen and her appearance as of now; is this symptomatic of a specific disease, and does it apply to the other BO hen as well even without facial swelling? We were hopeful that since the other hens haven't fallen ill that it was something specific to these 2 unfortunate hens.

    Scarring and lump remain on Goldie's face

    Chin growth on Goldie

    Please let me know what this could be- this has been a long and drawn out illness.
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    wish I could help. Bump Jean

    Also check out the entry on this same forum. It is about poultry diseases and their symptoms. Maybe that will help. Good luck with this. Jean
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    I don't know. Maybe Glenda will have some idea.
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    I thought it was avian pox before the whole right side of her face ballooned out, and there weren't a series of nodules on her skin and wattles like the RIR's had last year with pox. There seems to be something about the ill BO hens that keeps them from thriving and putting on weight, but whether it's disease of a genetic condition I can't figure (or both). I thought when this one recovered and could eat that she would pick back up, but she just existsÂ…

    *SIDE NOTE: The other hen was culled this morning; she was going downhill quickly in spite of treatment.

    * ALSO, Goldie scratched the gray scabby growth off the right side of her face (see photo at top), and there was puss and a crater underneath.
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    After doing much reading and thought
    I would say that this has to be some kind of cancerous growth
    that will not heal and the hens body can't cope with
    the other one went the trip

    I think they have cancer inside the body and ofcourse this one on the out side also

    to all the parts on the outside I literally would get a bottle of PURE IODINE and literally "fry" the cancer with IODINE
    it can do the trick
    you will or should put IODINE on these spots every hour for two days
    just to see if you can get it "dried" up
    Also then once a day put the IODINE on it and then twice a day neosporim salve

    With this course you should e abe to help her
    IF YOU CAN GET NATRIL give that to her as perscribed by a vet.
    keep me posted to this post
    I have a problem losing which posts I am interested in
    you can PM me and put this url back on the post
    I would keep the hen as comfortable as possible
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    Thanks- I've forwarded the info to the friend treating this hen and I've been using the mash in your e-mail for the other BO hens that are now acting ill. It did perk them up and get them to eat a little. I forgot to respond here on the thread as we've been e-mailing the info, but you have been very helpful- thank you so much.
    I'll be adding antibiotics to the water, but I don't know if I can add it with the ACV or keep it separate(?). I'll check on the first hen again now and see if she's making progress.

    UPDATE: HEN DIED. She passed away in her sleep on May 7 after going downhill quickly. The lump under her chin increased in size very quickly the last few days, turning black and looking very much like a tumor. Thanks to all for encouragement and advice.
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